Shooting Range Training center

Our purpose-built facility, the REMAYA Training Centre, enables us to provide a highly realistic training environment to the world’s leading defence and security clients.

Our dedicated and highly secure 1.3km2 training area includes four shooting ranges, three classrooms, a paved driving track and an off-road driving zone, with training support equipment provided - including weapons and ammunitions. Enabling our clients to structure and undertake a whole range of bespoke programmes to train and certify their military and security personnel from around the world.

We are US State Department accredited for our WPS (World Protection Services) certification programme. Our training centre is also ideally suited to US DOD SSS (Security Support Services), Mission Support, Defensive Driving, CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) programmes.


Training Centre

REMAYA Training Centre - Highlights

  • 4 shooting ranges
  • 3 classrooms
  • Paved driving track and off-road driving zone
  • 5+ weapon systems training
  • DOJO

Our range is ideally suited to programmes including:

  • WPS (World Protection Services)
  • SSS (Security Support Services)
  • HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)
  • CQB (Close Quarters Combat) and self-defence training
  • Mission support training
  • Defensive driver training (on-and-off-road)