shooting range Staff Certification

At REMAYA, our safety – and yours – is our number one priority. We can train and qualify your shooting range personnel up to academic level with our own internationally-recognised programmes accredited by the UAE National Qualifications Authority.

Working in conjunction with Rabdan Academy, we also provide a Level 4 Composite Award for Shooting Ranges Safety Coordination, which prepares Emirati citizens for higher university education.

Our Difference

  • Complete turnkey solutions for military-grade shooting ranges
  • Integrated range VR imaging with customisable range management software for designing, operating and maintaining shooting ranges
  • Integrated software solution across all client ranges for range booking, training data and performance records with automatic reporting which can be accessed remotely
  • Smart robotics to simulate soft targets
  • Fully customisable training centre, adaptable to meet our customers’ needs
  • International network of certified, accredited instructors and partners