Military Shooting Ranges

Since 2009, we have been leaders in the creation and delivery of world-class military-grade shooting ranges, from design and development to management and consulting, with comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to focus on their operations.

Backed by powerful in-house capabilities, we provide a variety of complete turnkey solutions and complex systems for live fire ranges, designed and built specifically to meet the precise demands of our clients.

We design, develop and operate custom-built live fire training ranges featuring state-of-the-art smart target technology, delivered with complete local cultural sensitivity.

We also manage, operate and maintain shooting ranges using state-of-the-art range management software, based on our custom-designed procedures.

Our Services

  • Project management
  • Range and training area design and construction
  • Live fire target systems supply and installation
  • Video simulation supply and installation
  • Range control systems
  • Range management and operations
  • Procedure development for range management and operation
  • Range maintenance